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Windover Project Spotlight: Triton Systems

Windover recently completed a lab fitout for Triton Systems in Chelmsford, MA. Triton, a technology incubator and developer of breakthrough products, needed a new space to accommodate its growth and expand its capabilities and partnered with Windover and Fishbrook Design Studio for the design-build fitout of an existing lab and office building. The fitout included remodeling two floors and 47,000 square feet and the upgraded space now features 17 different labs, as well as remodeled office, meeting, and dining space. In its new home, Triton joins 70 other businesses in Chelmsford’s new Cross Roads at 129, a hub for technology, research and development, healthcare, and education.

The 17 different labs, each with its own focus and required connections and equipment, include spaces for chemistry, biology, robotics, additive manufacturing, and more. Windover meticulously planned and coordinated construction to make sure each lab space and development center was set up to meet the specific needs of the different end-users. In-house Virtual Design and Construction technology capabilities were used to laser scan Triton’s existing lab space and the reality capture data was added into design models to support architectural planning to ensure all lab spaces would fit perfectly in the new building. Windover also utilized BIM-MEP coordination and laser scans of the new location’s existing conditions to ensure the MEPs were fully coordinated without clashes before fabrication, avoiding costly delays.

Throughout the project, the team maintained close communication with the client, specifically each different lab’s end-user, to ensure each space was set up to meet their expectations. Ultimately, the client is extremely pleased as they settle into their new space.

Learn more about Triton Systems here: www.tritonsystems.com

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