About Us

Our Story

Founded by people who wanted to improve the way construction projects are conceived, built and supported, Windover offers clients an innovative, relationship-based approach to building. Windover is a full service, 100% employee-owned construction management firm focused on consistently providing exceptional experiences and cultivating meaningful relationships with all those we work for and with.

Our People

Our people are the foundation of everything we do. Every person on our team brings expertise and skill to our projects, delivering the superior service and quality our clients deserve.

Windover Culture


To be dedicated to excellence


To do what we say we will do


To focus on solutions, not problems


To consider and respond to other’s needs


To invest fully with intention and pride

With a strong sense of who we are and what we are about, we connect meaningfully with our teammates, our clients and partners, the communities in which we work, and the projects that we build. Windover’s people, mission, values, and practices all contribute to a dynamic organizational culture that drives the building experience we create and the fun we share along the way.

Our Clients

We build where our relationships take us, not where we feel we need to establish market-share. Together with our clients and partners, we share experiences, find solutions and follow a project through its completion and long thereafter.

Work With Us

Highly collaborative, talented, and passionate employees are essential to our success. With projects spanning multiple market sectors, Windover offers diverse career opportunities both in the office and in the field.