Our Culture

From the top down, everyone at Windover is passionate about what they do day in and day out. My colleagues have an incredible amount of respect, trust, and compassion for one another, and it shows in the way we collaboratively work to build great things together..

– Jennifer Robitaille, Project Executive, Windover


Steeped in camaraderie, entrepreneurial spirit, an innovative mindset, and a sense of fun, Windover Construction’s culture is visible both in the workplace and our community. By embodying our core values, Windover Construction’s people create a vibrant workplace that is the very fabric of our 100% employee-owned organization. Windover Construction’s culture is reinforced by a learning environment made possible by our robust professional development and training program providing our employees with leading-edge technologies, materials and construction methods, as well as soft skill training. Regular project tours, social outings, company gatherings and project milestone events continuously reinforce our united team spirit.

Two people using virtual reality
group of people working in a field


Social sustainability is also integral to our culture. With a focus on community engagement and a strong commitment to green building, we are stewards of our global community as evidenced by our active participation in volunteer and fundraising opportunities, as well as service to local boards and committees. In construction, we are guided by sustainable practices and the use of environmentally sound materials. Very much at the heart of who we are and what we do, Windover Construction’s people identify with a strong sense of giving back to our community and planet to create positive impact.