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Serving Those Who Served

Windover Construction’s team hosted a cookout for residents at the 60 Pleasant Street Apartments, a permanent, supportive veteran’s housing facility in Beverly, MA this past Memorial Day weekend. A small gesture when compared to the contribution and sacrifices these vets have made for our country, the Memorial Day “Serving Those Who Served” cookout has become a cornerstone event; one the Windover team looks forward to hosting annually to recognize these important members of our community.

“I appreciate your support and good deeds last Thursday to a most poignantly-profound degree…the food was delicious and the service was great.”

– 60 Pleasant Street Resident

A Pillar of Windover’s Social Sustainability Commitment

Windover’s social sustainability efforts are driven by the personal commitment of our employees to give back to the communities in which they work and live. This has created a culture within our organization that focuses on ways we can make an impact outside of Windover. The Memorial Day cookout is just one example of outreach by the Windover team, efforts which are focused on the needs of those who have served our country, women, children, and families, and educational programming. In addition to our employee-driven outreach, Windover’s supportive housing projects for homeless veterans is another way we provide continued support.

Affordable Housing Developments to Enhance the Lives of our Veterans

Since 2010, Windover, with partner Peabody Properties, has opened the doors of hope by placing more than 175 homeless veterans in permanent, supportive housing such as the residences at 60 Pleasant Street. These facilities have been developed, constructed, and managed by a unique partnership between Windover and Peabody Properties focused on making affordable, quality housing a reality for each of our veteran residents.

Four of these communities have been built and developed by Windover and Peabody Properties in Beverly, Bedford, and Brockton, MA and in Lyons, NJ. Each community offers its residents long-term, permanent housing with furnished apartments, 24/7 support services, and community spaces for residents to mingle. The need for affordable housing options for veterans is widespread and our team continues to seek new opportunities to spread this unique public-private partnership model Windover and Peabody Properties has forged with the Veterans Administration.

Developments Built to Last

Windover has parlayed expertise in development and construction toward the greater purpose of helping end veterans’ homelessness. As co-owner and builder of these facilities, Windover is in the unique position to ensure our residents have apartments that are well constructed and built to last. We strive to create homes they are proud of and will want to live in indefinitely. Selecting durable materials, appliances, amenities, and outfitting units for ADA accessibility are all key components to making these spaces fit the long-term needs of our veterans.

Affordable Housing Commitment

Windover’s permanent supportive housing program for veterans is just one area we provide affordable housing solutions for our communities. Windover has also joined forces with the YMCA of the North Shore and the North Shore Community Development Coalition on the construction of affordable apartment units in downtown Beverly and Ipswich, Mass. The philosophy guiding our approach to these projects is always the same: to infuse quality into economically-built communities that provide homes residents are proud of and will call home for years to come.

Housing in Greater Boston is extraordinarily expensive and for many in our community, decent housing is out of reach. Windover continues to seek opportunities to develop housing that is accessible to not only our most vulnerable, but for those in the workforce whose ability to afford housing struggles to keep up with the rapidly escalating costs.

Join Our Team

Highly collaborative, talented, and passionate employees are essential to our success. With projects spanning multiple market sectors, Windover offers diverse career opportunities both in the office and in the field.