Modular in Action

Drone Footage:

Modular Boxes Placed at Beachview in Hampton, NH

Initially prefabricated offsite, 20 modular boxes were set atop a steel podium first level of what will be a mixed-use apartment complex on Hampton Beach in New Hampshire. By utilizing modular construction, Windover was able to help streamline the construction schedule – a schedule that had also been impacted by COVID-19. As a result of Windover’s utilization of drone technology during manufacturing to prevent any conflicts during installation, the setting of the boxes was seamless and completed in a total of eight hours.


Time Lapse:

Modular Construction of Peter Frates Hall at Endicott College

Faced with the real need for increased freshman housing, Endicott turned to Windover to provide a buildable solution that would meet their tight timeline and fit within their overall campus planning. Windover’s team took action in response to Endicott’s identified needs: a dormitory that would have at least 150 beds and be completed for the entering Fall 2016 class. With an accelerated construction timeline of eight months, Windover directed the project under a collaborative design/build approach that allowed the client, design team, and design/build subcontractors to bring their expertise to the table early on. This approach, coupled with the use of modular construction, elevated the quality of the final product while finishing on a tight timeline.


In the News:

“Building Blocks of Success: How Windover Shed 3 Months Off Project Schedule with Modular Construction” by Autodesk

Windover’s project Canvas, a mixed-use upscale apartment community, was featured in this article and video from Autodesk for it’s novel combination of Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) applications with modular construction. Windover combined data from drone mapping of the steel with laser scanning from below to have an accurate picture that allowed the project team to “place” the modular boxes virtually first, which allowed the actual boxes to be placed on site without conflict. Modular itself saves significant time compared to traditional construction, but the combination of VDC with modular saved at least three months off of this project schedule.

Autodesk – Building Blocks of Success: How Windover Shed 3 Months Off Project Schedule with Modular Construction