Perkins School for the Blind – Bridgman and Tompkins Cottages Renovation

Watertown, MA
30,000 SF
Project Type:
Fast-track summer renovation
Construction Management
Miller Dyer Spears

The newly renovated Bridgman and Tompkins Cottages offer recent graduates at the Perkins School for the Blind a space where they can live and practice life skills to transition into independent living. Adapting bedrooms and bathrooms to be ADA compliant was central to creating this transitional space, as well as building out teaching spaces such as technology work areas and kitchens, where students can learn and apply critical life skills.

A very short design schedule, dictated by the need to have the facility online as soon as possible, led to construction commencing on the project before design was complete. Windover jumped in with the design team to complete the renovation in just eleven weeks, overlapping design and construction, and guiding the decision-making process to keep pace with the accelerated project schedule.