AI-Enabled APRS-BIM Platform

Windover has launched a first-of-its-kind AI-Enabled Automated Plan Review Systems (APRS-BIM) to expedite and enhance a municipality’s permit review and approval process


The future of building code compliance review is here, thanks to the innovative combination of generative AI and generative design. Windover has developed a first-of-its-kind platform to expedite the review process of building permit applications for government agencies. This AI-enabled Automated Plan Review System (APRS)-Building Information Modeling (BIM) platform can take imported 2D architectural, structural, and MEP drawings and rapidly transform them into a 3D BIM.

The platform then analyzes this 3D model against the municipality’s code requirements and identifies any compliance issues in a detailed report. In addition to the code compliance summary report, the platform will illustrate the precise location of the deficiency in a section of the permit submission drawings and the corresponding correct code requirements.

Windover’s AI-enabled APRS-BIM Platform revolutionizes the design review process for municipalities worldwide. This seamless integration facilitates the efficient and accurate submission, review, and approval of building permits – reducing review times by up to 70%.

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    The APRS-BIM platform is a powerful tool to automate and empower permit reviewers responsible for evaluating drawings for code compliance with fast, comprehensive information so they can focus on what really matters – reviewing the issues within the drawings.

    The APRS-BIM platform will provide a complete 3D model for those whom may not have the tools or capacity to generate a BIM model themselves. These users can then employ this 3D BIM model for virtual reality QA/QC and future coordination during construction. Creating this BIM model is also the first step in developing a comprehensive digital twin to support building operations years after construction is complete.