Windover Launches AI-Enabled Automated Plan Review Systems (APRS-BIM) to Expedite and Enhance Municipality’s Review and Approval Process

Windover has developed a first-of-its-kind platform to expedite the review process of building permit applications for government agencies. With the power of AI, Windover has developed the APRS-BIM platform that can take imported 2D architectural, structural, and MEP drawings and rapidly transform them into a 3D building information model (BIM). The platform then analyzes this 3D model against the municipality’s code requirements and identifies any compliance issues in a detailed report. In addition to the code compliance summary report, the platform will illustrate the precise location of the deficiency in a section of the permit submission drawings and the corresponding correct code requirements.

The APRS-BIM platform is a powerful tool to automate and empower permit reviewers responsible for evaluating drawings for code compliance with fast, comprehensive information so they can focus on what really matters – reviewing the issues within the drawings. CAD verifier applicants can also download the platform and add it to their existing AutoCAD workflow to quickly check whether their drawings are in the proper format to be recognized by the generative AI component of the platform that will enable the 2D drawings to be transformed into 3D.

As an additional benefit to the user, the APRS-BIM platform will provide a complete 3D model for those whom may not have the tools or capacity to generate a BIM model themselves. These users can then employ this 3D BIM model for virtual reality QA/QC and future coordination during construction. Creating this BIM model is also the first step in developing a comprehensive digital twin to support building operations years after construction is complete.

Windover, having pushed the limits of what was possible with BIM data and 3D models for years, developed the platforming through in-house expertise and partnerships with global technology leaders. The first use of the APRS-BIM platform is currently being implemented in a UAE municipality.

Windover’s President & CEO Stuart Meurer and Chief Innovation Officer in the UAE for the launch of the APRS-BIM Platform


Windover’s Chief Innovation Officer presents the APRS-BIM Platform to a UAE municipality

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