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Celebrating Recent Promotions!

We are pleased to announce the following promotions, as these six employees have truly shown leadership in their roles, pursued excellence in their work, and dedicated themselves to continual learning and growth in their careers. We’re proud to celebrate these very-well deserved promotions:


Carlos Bettencourt, Labor Foreman

Carlos has been with us almost 7 years and is a key member of our team. He has shown that he is an asset in supporting the Superintendents and helping with site management on multiple projects. Carlos has made remarkable progress in his professional journey as a member of Windover’s Field Support Team, and we are excited to announce his well-deserved promotion to Carpenter Foreman. Congratulations, Carlos!


Meghan Hennessey, Senior Estimator

Meghan joined Windover in 2022 and has significant experience on challenging projects in the private academic and institutional markets. She has quickly become an integral member of Windover’s Estimating team and absorbs the scope and purpose of her projects with a great level of detail and understanding. Meghan has grown tremendously in her career, and we are thrilled to announce her promotion to Senior Estimator. Congratulations, Meghan!


Valerie Lausier-Collins, Director of Training & Development

Valerie joined Windover early in 2014 and since has shown a real interest and passion for helping employees advance their skills and knowledge, making her an integral part of our team’s growth. Throughout her time at Windover, she has continued to make tremendous traction with our training program and has showcased exemplary leadership skills. We are grateful for Valerie’s contributions to Windover and excited to announce her promotion to Director of Training & Development. Congratulations, Val!


Tim Malone, Labor Foreman

Tim has been with Windover for 5 years and has been an invaluable resource to the Superintendents in helping manage projects, especially during close-out. His level of precision and unwavering attention to detail make him a crucial asset to our team, and we are excited to announce his promotion to Labor Foreman. Congratulations, Tim!


Amr Raafat, Chief Innovation Officer

Since joining Windover in 2017, Amr has been a champion of creating a culture of innovation across our entire organization. He has inspired others to take intelligent risks and challenge the typical approach. Amr has been an integral part of Windover’s transformational growth and influencing our culture of innovation, and we are looking forward to seeing what else he achieves in his new role as Chief Innovation Officer. Congratulations, Amr!


Derrick Seitz, Project Executive

Since joining Windover in 2012, Derrick has led some of our most complex projects in a variety of markets. His technical knowledge, understanding of current and trending market conditions, and abilityto drive results collaboratively among teams have made him a trusted advisor to clients and partners at every stage of a project. We’re excited to announce his promotion to Project Executive. Congratulations, Derrick!

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