Modular Innovation: Beyond the Double-Wide

One thing is for sure—time is not slowing down and quicker project start-ups are becoming “the norm” as our clients face non-negotiable opening dates for commercial businesses, or the need for “heads in beds” due to increased enrollment on school campuses.

Over the past few years, Windover has had the opportunity to innovate and implement modular construction to help our clients navigate these challenges. Modular has become a veritable planning process and building solution that offers sophisticated structures, condensed on-site construction durations, and improved safety performance. And, when planned for and executed correctly, it is an approach that outwits schedule and budget risk for our clients.

The versatility of modular has allowed us to adapt it to a variety of building situations to benefit our clients. It is not prescribed to one building type, but rather can be used to enhance specific building components or assemblies. We’ve integrated modular panelized wall systems with traditional stick-built structures and have also completed structures that are 80% comprised of module boxes, but united by site built sections. Regardless of the mix, modular planning and construction is offering yet another viable building solution for our clients. The following are examples of Windover projects in the past year that have leveraged a modular mix:

Panelized walls and floor systems were pre-constructed off-site in a factory and integrated into the wood framed structure on-site. This hybrid mix condensed the time of construction on-site and maintained a fast-track schedule to help the 115,000 SF hotel open 15days ahead of schedule. COMPLETED JUNE 2016

Because of its location in a residential neighborhood, a panelized wall system was built off-site and utilized to fast-track the construction of this bank branch and to reduce on-site construction noise. The project was completed two weeks early! COMPLETED JANUARY 2017

Panelized walls are being used to fast-track this project and limit disruption to the surrounding campus community. TO BE COMPLETED AUGUST 2017

The use of module boxes built off-site in a factory, enabled this 39,000 SF, 225-bed dormitory to be completed in nine months—from design to construction! COMPLETED AUGUST 2016

A Process, Not A Product

Team mentality and collaboration underscores the successful use of modular—it is a process that invites our teams, our clients, architects, and partners to think differently and to innovate thoughtful, quality-driven solutions in a fast-paced world.

For more information on modular, check out our recent webinar, hosted by ERAPPA, and led by Windover’s President & CEO, Lee Dellicker

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