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Building Blocks of Success: How Windover Shed 3 Months Off Project Schedule with Modular Construction

Windover is a construction management firm and a leader in modular construction. Technology for me is a mix between data processing, how we handle the data in an innovative way and how we make all of these different technologies work together in harmony to offer real time solutions on our jobsites. CANVAS is a prime example. It’s a mixed-use project in Beverly, Mass. It’s two residential buildings, 136 units. It’s a mix of structural steel and modular construction. We combined data from point mapping of actual steel with the laser scanning from below to have very accurate representation that allowed us to place all these boxes virtually first, before we place them on site. And that led to no conflicts because you are coordinating with as-built steel, and that wouldn’t be happening without three things: Drone mapping, laser scanning and Autodesk Construction Cloud.

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