10 Minutes with Amr Raafat on the power of drones and VR for BIM

Amr Raafat is an architect, a virtual design and construction expert, and the director of Windover Construction’s virtual design and construction team. Because if his professional expertise, he’s a fan of using tech tools in construction, particularly drones.

At the SPAR 3D Expo and Conference, he’ll speak in the AR/AV Applied: Integrating Drones, BIM, 3D Printing… And Some Unanticipated Benefits, and his topic will be Drone Mapping and VR for BIM Enhancement. The subject is pretty much his line, from start to finish.

Just speaking with Raafat for a bit, it’s easy to see he’s something of a walking testimonial, since he becomes talkative and a bit animated as he goes on about the beauties of smoothing construction workflows. He’ll soon expound on the advantages of using drones to capture images and build better 3D models and smarter construction projects.

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