Celebrating Recent Promotions!

We are pleased to announce the following promotions, as these three employees have truly shown leadership in their roles, pursued excellence in their work, and dedicated themselves to continual learning and growth in their careers. We’re proud to celebrate these very-well deserved promotions:


Ian Buckley, Project Manager
Detail-oriented and a skilled mathematician, Ian originally joined Windover as part of our Estimating team. However, Ian quickly showed a knack for project management and has since worked on some of our most complex multi-unit projects as an Assistant Project Manager. His diligence, dedication, and knowledge gained from roles in different fields have made Ian a driving force in these projects’ success. As Project Manager, Ian will continue to lead these projects and teams to a successful outcome for our clients. Congratulations, Ian!

Jennifer Robitaille, Project Executive

Knowledgeable, driven, and passionate, Jen has been an incredible asset to the Windover team, leading some of our largest and most complex academic projects as a Senior Project Manager. In addition to the success of each project, Jen has been dedicated throughout her career to the growth of those around her. In her role as Project Executive, Jen will continue to provide overall leadership to many of Windover’s academic projects while mentoring and developing people and teams. Congratulations, Jen!


Molly Romano, Marketing Manager
Molly’s strong work ethic, dedication, and kind nature have made her an asset to Windover’s Marketing team. With a passion for the different facets of marketing, Molly has helped highlight Windover’s people projects, and values through various marketing and communication efforts. Her hard work, eagerness to learn, and collaborative nature have helped grow her career and lead to her promotion from Senior Marketing Coordinator to Marketing Manager. Congratulations, Molly!

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