Building at the Speed of Innovation: Automation, Prefabrication, and Beyond

Imagine prefabricating hundreds of trusses in just a few hours. Now, imagine doing so with the highest level of precision, quality, and sustainability. Digital Prefabrication, 3D Printing and Automation are making this a reality for design and construction.

Windover is pioneering methods leveraging cutting-edge technologies combined with data acquired from laser scanning and drones to offer clients significant time and cost savings as well as mitigating risk.

Recently, Windover prefabricated 935 steel trusses at Autodesk’s Technology Center in Boston. The trusses were then assembled and installed on site in a matter of days using mixed reality software. This innovative approach shed not only days from the process, but reduced costs by 70%.

For the same project, data from drone mapping and laser scanning was captured weekly throughout the project to track construction progress and QA/QC, conduct stock pile analysis, and enhance communication among project stakeholders – further mitigating risk and ensuring accuracy and quality.

Windover’s novel approach to prefabrication was developed by the in-house VDC team led by Amr Raafat – Autodesk’s 2019 Innovator of the Year – who is unifying BIM data with manufacturing and 3D Printing to build efficiently and safely to support historic preservation, ground-up construction and fast-track projects.

Read more about Windover’s use of digital fabrication and assembly of the trusses in this article from Construction Dive.

To learn more about Windover Construction’s technology innovations, reach out to our Vice President of VDC & Technology Amr Raafat

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