Construction Management<br>Apprenticeship Program

CMAP Overview

At Windover, our culture is defined by our people. Committed to building great things with great people, we are driven to educate, train, and empower our employees who, in turn, bring the highest level of integrity, passion and experience to all that they do, every day.

A unique training program, Windover’s Construction Management Apprenticeship Program or CMAP, prepares new college graduates and internal employees for a career in the Construction Management profession. With ‘apprenticeship’ at its core, employees engaged in this unique training program receive mentoring, coaching, and supervision from experienced professionals.

The CMAP Experience

  • A career development program involving intensive, on-the-job, experiential training and education
  • A 24-month program rotating through Estimating, Project Management and Field Operations
  • Each rotation provides progressive knowledge, skills, and responsibility in the specific area of concentration
  • A robust training program providing technical education rounded out by leadership and professional training
  • An assigned mentor to guide and support the CMAP employee throughout the program
  • At the conclusion of the program, employees graduate and continue their Windover career in the role of Assistant Superintendent, Assistant Program Manager or Assistant Estimator


Areas of Education and Training

If you are interested in applying to Windover’s CMAP program, please email